By Season


Sun Valley Ice Show
Saturday, Sept. 2, 2022

Training Information

Coaches: Christy Krall, Drew Meekins and Viktor Pfeifer
Choreographer: Massimo Scali
Rink: Oakland Ice Center
Club: St. Moritz ISC


2021-2022 Season
Short Program: Gypsy Dance (Don Quixote)
Free Skate:
 Violin Concerto in D, op. 35 by Petr I. Tchaikovski performed by Joshua Bell

3rd2022 World Championships71.91139.28211.19
7thXXIV Olympic Winter Games69.50139.45208.95
WD after SP2022 U.S. Championships71.42WDWD
4th2021 NHK Trophy67.72135.18202.90
5th2021 Skate Canada International73.63132.90206.53
1st2021 Nebelhorn Trophy70.86136.54207.40
1st2021 Lombardia Trophy74.31144.93219.24
1st2021 Cranberry Cup International71.42134.32205.74

2020-2021 Season
Short Program: “La Strada – Suite” by Nino Rota
Free Skate: “The Storm” by Havasi and Lisa Gerrard

4th2021 U.S. Championships76.36137.03213.39

2019-2020 Season
Short Program: “Don’t Rain on My Parade” performed by Barbra Streisand
Free Skate: “Illumination” by Jennifer Thomas

3rd2020 World Junior Championships67.52137.31204.83
1st 2020 U.S. Championships75.40160.12235.52
2nd2019 Junior Grand Prix Final71.19133.46204.65
1st2019 Junior Grand Prix Poland64.11138.99203.10
1st2019 Junior Grand Prix Lake Placid69.30138.80208.10

2018-2019 Season
Short Program: “Don’t Rain on My Parade” performed by Barbra Streisand
Free Skate: The Witches of Eastwick (film) by John Williams

1st2019 U.S. Championships73.89143.62217.51
1st2019 Pacific Coast Sectionals74.94138.03212.97
1st2019 Central Pacific Regionals63.21122.87186.08
1stAsian Open (Advanced Novice)50.2588.20138.45

2017-2018 Season
Short Program: “Spanish Flame” by Maxime Rodriguez
Free Skate: Les Misérables

2ndInternational Challenge Cup (Advanced Novice)42.7986.99129.78
1st2018 U.S. Championships (Junior)63.83120.33184.16
1st2018 Pacific Coast Sectionals (Junior)61.68109.74171.42
1st2018 Central Pacific Regionals (Junior)56.61112.96169.57
3rd2017 Novice and Junior Challenge Skate (Junior)56.94105.89162.83
1st2017 Asian Trophy (Advanced Novice)38.7469.60108.34

2016-2017 Season
Short Program: “Puttin’ on the Ritz”
Free Skate: “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman

4th2017 U.S. Championships (Novice)48.8982.79131.68
2nd2017 Pacific Coast Sectionals (Novice)48.13100.20148.33
2nd2017 Central Pacific Regionals (Novice)40.2192.34132.55
4th2016 Novice and Junior Challenge Skate (Novice)39.5874.84114.82

Intermediate/Juvenile Results

-2016 U.S. Championships, Intermediate – 1st
-2016 Pacific Coast Sectional, Intermediate – 1st
-2016 Central Pacific Regional, Intermediate – 2nd
-2015 Central Pacific Regional, Juvenile – 7th